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Ending Well
with Minnelle

Educating and directing you through the process of End of Life Planning. My goal is to make it as enjoyable as possible. I mean it. Let’s get comfortable and chat.

Minnelle Williams
Minnelle Speaking at a conference


As an end-of-life educator, my passion lies in bringing a personal touch to the often-overlooked topics of estate and legacy planning. I aim to weave together professional expertise with real-life stories, offering insights that resonate beyond the basics of legal and financial planning. Whether addressing an intimate group or a larger audience, my focus is always on making each conversation meaningful. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge to illuminate the path for thoughtful and informed decisions about our legacies.

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Who is Minnelle Williams?

I have been a licensed Funeral Director for over 20 years. During that time, I have established myself as an end-of-life expert. Serving families at the New Haven Funeral Centre, I assist them with settling their funeral arrangements ahead of time.

During the 2020 lockdowns, I used my downtime to become an End of Life Doula that taught the value of discussing what a ‘good death’ means. I have also become a Certified Executor Assistant. To assist families in planning and executing their final wishes. Having working knowledge from the pre to post end of life is how I have become an expert in her field.

I provide presentations, plans, and coaching for families planning their estates.

My passion is to assist the living, end well.


Clients Deserve The Best

Minnelle providing service
Amazing is all I can say!!! If your looking for an Estate Planner, look no further than Minnelle. Kind, attentive and very informative!!!!
Jack Talla
Minnelle providing service
My sister and I set up our pre-planning funeral arrangements years ago and our family thought we were crazy thinking so far in advance.  Thinking long term, at least that is one expense that will not burden my family as money comes and goes but that is one less thing to think about.  My parents over the weekend (aging parents their 80s, older west-indian decent, old ways of thinking and how death is viewed and never want to talk about death/funerals) finally decided on their own how important it is to pre-plan.  Of course I got in contact with Minnelle from New Haven Funeral Centre and she helped my parents and older sister set up their plan. Minnelle was so professional, went over everything so clearly, gave all the options, gave her valid opinions on things for my stubborn parents to look at things in a different way.  She made everyone very comfortable and I even learned things about my Caribbean parents I did not know until this discussion. I think every family should go thru a meeting like this if they have not already.  New Haven Funeral Centre is highly recommended and I fully trust that our affairs will be handled professionally and we will be fully prepared when the time comes.

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